PsychNerD – Aeon

SOS Vol.2Æon is a simply structured electro-house track, using complex synthesis sounds coming mainly from two custom G2X modular patches. A nice blend of chill in the back and punch in the front sharing sound elements with Voyager 1. This track was first released for the Sound of SceneSat Vol. 2 compilation. Thanks to Ziphoid of SceneSat Radio for inviting me again !

Oh and… you may here soon a new remix of this track soon… and not from me !
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PsychNerD – Voyager 1

SOS Vol.1This downtempo track was my contribution to the “Sound Of SceneSat Volume 1” compilation from SceneSat Radio. This track was inspired by the classical ambient dub tracks I love and used to listen a lot in the 90s. With the time it became one of my favourites. Most of the sound sources are hardware, the G2X providing the background noise and ambiance, the Virus for the CS80’ish sound, pads from the Wavestation, arpeggios from the DX11 (still can get usefull stuff out of this one too), even a little guitar in the break. Sometimes everything just fall right into place, making a perfect blend out of simplicity.
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DJ Tiesto’s Club Life 101

Marco G feat. PsychNerD – Faith was featured on DJ Tiesto’s Club Life 101 (aired on Radio538 102 FM on 06.03.2009)!

Marco G. check!
Preach, check!
Corsten, check!
Tiesto, check!

Thumbs up to Marco for his hard work!

Corsten’s Countdown

Corsten’s Countdown is a weekly radio show hosted by the one and only Ferry Corsten. It is the first radio show where listeners get to vote and choose the top 10 records of the month. You can listen to Corsten’s Countdown every Wednesday at 8 PM CET at and on

Every week Ferry Corsten presents the hottest records whereby listeners are able to vote what they think are the best records for that week. At the end of the month, Voting results of each week are compiled for the monthly top 10 countdown.

And on Feb 2009, week 3, who do we have ? Marco G. and me as first track… so get your ass there, register and vote [here] NOW! please? 😉

Voting is done on a weekly basis, so make sure you vote during the week the track is introduced!