My Event Horizon

From Electronica 1, 2, Oxygene 3, FranceInfo, Equinoxe Infinity, Touring to HSBC released today, it’s been a great adventure (~11,000 man hours to give you an idea of my contribution).

At the end of 2018 I decided to dive into my Event Horizon and move back to my musical world and my family. Today I wish to the rest of the team my best and I officially join the special club of the “guys of the past”. I guess some changes will be felt on his next releases… Like I once said, our DNA was in there, whatever the name. I’m really proud of what I did, and can say to myself that I had my own “Jarre era”.

If you liked the sound of the last 5 years and don’t mind the “badge” I will be around, doing my best music. I’m just done with the anonymous work. Huge thanks and respect to all the fans that welcomed me, you are his more precious asset. I may loose a couple of you, but I’m sure I’ll keep the best 😊

See you really soon for new releases !

Thank you all for all your words on Facebook. You all have my deepest respect.