PsychNerD – Level 2 : Electro House

SceneSatThis time, it’s going to be all about house music! I prepared a pretty mad SceneSat playlist that I’ll be mixing for you with a tiny little dose of chatter πŸ™‚ All about the music! Spread the word and be there!
If you have any requests, I can still add some into the mix if you write them to me in the SceneSat forums. Sorry, no live requests, you’ll have plenty of time to play with the requester right after the show πŸ™‚
Tune in on 2010-12-19 @ 20:00 CET (14:00 EST) at

Hackfest Replay…

Thanks to everyone who attended the Hackfest and to everyone who listened live on SceneSat Radio (some stayed up to 6am (timezones…) ouch!)

If you are interested in downloading the full set, head up to and get the set in the list. If you want to listen and skip thru the stream while watching the EFNet chatter, head to (Java Req.) select SceneSat Radio, then Hackfest, et voila!

Spread the word! If you liked what you had, tune in to SceneSat Radio for more Scene Music, make your requests or enjoy a new show!

DJ Tiesto’s Club Life 101

Marco G feat. PsychNerD – Faith was featured on DJ Tiesto’s Club Life 101 (aired on Radio538 102 FM on 06.03.2009)!

Marco G. check!
Preach, check!
Corsten, check!
Tiesto, check!

Thumbs up to Marco for his hard work!