Back on tour !

I am very honored today to announce that I’ll be back on stage very soon as I’ll be playing for NIYAZ in “The Fourth Light Project” during the first months of 2020. What a way to start this new decade!

The show will be traveling from California, Seattle, Arizona to New York and up to Quebec and Ontario! 

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Armandox – Flakes

What was just a little flake, a little idea I had, became a full version of it’s own, thanks to Armandox. He made his very own Flakes track in his style and released it today !

Great work Armandox, thanks for choosing my music as an inspiration. 

Available on major stores and streaming platforms !


Huge thanks to Ziphoid and SceneSat for inviting me again to the party 😊 … Always in for a little SceneSat tune. It’s been a while and it has been quite a musical adventure during the last years but … never forget where you come from, who helped and made you in the first place. Neuroland is just a little cool tune for you, more focused on melody, like DemoScene music should be… and a bit more on the happy side than the minor/dark/psy/ambient stuff you may be used to… But heh, life is not always about dark stuff. Proud to be here with you all and hope our orbits will meet again soon. Best respects from Canada.

+++ ATH…

Available exclusively on Bandcamp at “Name your price” all for the SceneSat community.