Stephane Gervais, aka PsychNerD is a Canadian producer, composer, synthesist and technologist best known for his electronic music productions and for his important contribution to Jean-Michel Jarreā€™s albums and tours from 2013 to 2019 (Electronica 1 & 2, Oxygene 3, Equinoxe Infinity, Electronica Tour, France Info, HSBC).

The Genesis

Immersed in computer science, electronics and music from an early age, he was already composing electronic music on computers when he graduating college in electronic engineering and programming in 1994. Using computers, sequencers, synthesizers and samplers, he builds his first personal studio and work his first productions for local DJs and for the European Demoscene community showcasing productions combining electronic music and realtime generated computer visuals in the 90s. Voted 2009 Amiga Remixer of the year for his unique 18 minute remix of Kefrens’ Desert Dream production, he then joined SceneSat Radio and contributed Voyager 1 and Aeon released on The Sound of SceneSat compilations in 2011. 

His first collaborations led him to work with Canadian DJ Marco Grenier, with whom he published the single Faith in 2008. This first release was supported by major DJs such as Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and Ferry Corsten, and their work attracted the attention of Joachim Garraud, for whom they published a remix of Everybody in 2013. The latter will then put him in contact with the electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre to assist him on his Electronica project.

Jean-Michel Jarre

He began his work as a production assistant for Jean-Michel Jarre and quickly expanded his contributions to composition, sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering and album distribution. The Electronica project (2015-2016) allows him to contribute through Jarre to the creation of collaborations with the great figures of electronic music (Pet Shop Boys, Vince Clarke, Tangerine Dream, Yello, Gary Numan, Armin Van Buuren, Moby, M83, The Orb, Jeff Mills). The quality of his productions and the versatility he demonstrated led him to revisit Jarre’s classics during the production of the albums Oxygene 3 (2016), Planet Jarre and Equinoxe Infinity (2018). He will finally collaborate on the creation of the soundtracks of the TV channel France Info (2017) and HSBC (2018). 

“We started working together for Electronica and instantly clicked for lots of different reasons.  He is a very talented musician. But beyond this, we instantly felt we were on the same wavelength.   It’s a very special and great link I have with somebody who is far more than just a musician as he is someone who has a lot of different talents.” – Jean-Michel Jarre

Touring the world

The studio work took a new turn when he worked on the preparation of the shows, since Jarre invited him to join him on stage as a keyboardist for more than sixty concerts. The Electronica world tour brought him to perform across more than 30 countries in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, South America and Canada. This concert also headlines the biggest electronic music events and festivals (Sonar, Coachella, Montreux Jazz Festival, Masada, Baalbeck, etc.).

Recent works

While working mostly as a producer for others artists, he personally release his Triptych EPs in 2018-2020 and revisit the demoscene with the Neuroland single for The Sound Of SceneSat Vol.5 compilation. In 2009 he launched the Progressive House project Electrogenesis under which he release the Daybreak and Axiom singles. He then returns to his roots by releasing two Psytrance singles : Planet Nine and Disconnection.

Triptych 1
DaybreakDisconnectionPlanet Nine

After a short north-american tour with Niyaz at the beginning of 2020, he lands back in the studio an dedicates himself to the innovative AiMi Artist powered AI Music platform as a content creator and technical expert.

His music mirrors his influences or his collaborators, whether that of the pioneers of electronic music (Vangelis, Jarre, Kraftwerk), the founders of the Trance and IDM music of the 90s (Higher Intelligence Agency, Boards Of Canada, Pete Namlook, The Black Dog, Plaid) or Goa Trance and Psytrance legends (Astral Projection, Man With No Name, Juno Reactor, The Infinity Project, Psychaos). 

Camped behind the ramparts of my studios, built on an arsenal of synthesizers and computers, I live in a world of electronic music and generative visuals. Reference for major electronic music producers, synthesizers manufacturers and software makers for constantly innovating and demonstrating a mastery of the art and technology of electronic music production that I carefully apply to the productions of my clients and collaborators.