C-Jay & LOM feat. Stephane Gervais – Dormarch

Europe, North and South America converge across the continents to provide a formidable trio of artistic talent. C-Jay, LOM, and Stephane Gervais join forces for a rare collaboration titled “Dormarch” for the 90th release on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives Digital.

Download Here: https://www.beatport.com/release/dormarch/3521623

From the Hague royal capital, C-Jay has created a sizable niche with his cross-genre music that has attracted the attention of some of the finest underground imprints including Bedrock, Replug, and onedotsixtwo. FĂȘted by John Digweed himself as “a really unique artist whose music is based on contemplative, hypnotic and enthralling journeys”, the Dutch star’s two albums for Bedrock have highlighted his extraordinary talent. Similarly, as an accomplished guitarist, LOM has been at the forefront of the Progressive House sound with over a half-century of credits for such esteemed labels as Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music, supported by the likes of Nick Warren, Guy J, and the Argentinean maestro himself. The final iconic name to enter the fray, Stephane Gervais is a visionary artist, “synthesist and technologist” from Canada who has worked as a production assistant for electronic music icon, Jean-Michel Jarre, on several albums and tours between 2013 and 2019.

“Dormarch” is thus a Melodic Techno tour de force that glistens with analog power. Building under a driving beat and chest-rattling sub-bassline, glittering arpeggios swirl across the stereo spectrum alongside a swathe of white-noise infused effects. Evolving in elegant fashion, a searing acetylene-edged lead cuts a path across the mid-range and into the stripped-back breakdown. Picking up the pace again in the latter stages, rhythm and melody combine once more to devastating effect in the second half.

The lone remix sees the combined talents of D-Formation & Masella from Spain. Already a renowned musician and owner of the highly respected BeatFreak Recordings, D-Formation’s 25 years in the music industry has seen a career that has included a full-length album for Deep Dish’s Yoshitoshi and some 400 production credits for his own label. A pair of remixes for Perspectives Digital alongside Rick Pier O’Neil have also been notable career highlights. A classical musician from an early age, Masella has seen a move into electronic music rewarded with releases on the likes of Harabe, Awen Records, Polyptych, and a July 2021 release on BeatFreak. Now joining forces, the Spanish duo have created a sublime interpretation that takes “Dormarch” on an evocative journey. Steeped in melancholy, a heavy beat and rapid-fire percussion is tempered by a glorious bed of strings that are the perfect counterpoint and counterweight to the dramatic arpeggios and analog lead. Adding an array of original production material and new melodic lines that come to the fore at the breakdown, the remix powers forward with running bassline and rhythmic force in the second half. The result is an innovative and creative reworking with its foundations firmly rooted in C-Jay, LOM & Stephan Gervais’ track.