Laxity of Kefrens – Desert Dream (PsychNerD Dream Remix)

desertdreamIf only one remix had to be made, it was this one. I watched the original 1993 Amiga demo countless times and always wanted to remix it. Here is my dream remix of the full demo. I must say that I’m pretty proud of this one, it was a lot of work.

ROTY 2008This track is currently scored 94%, all-time ranked #26 on Remix64 and is considered winner of the 2008 Amiga Remix of the year. You can also read comments on it’s AmigaRemix page.

Thanks to Ziphoid for giving me very nice words on SLAY Radio when it was released and to all DemoScene DJs out there who also gave nice comments or use the track whenever a DJ could need a 18 minutes break.

For the challenge, this remix was almost without any computer (I used one to read the original mods, feed the sequencer and to assemble the different parts). Hardware synthesizers, sequencers, effects, multi-track recorders were used instead. It definitely does give a different feel in the sound of the remix.

Take the time to listen it all, or at least to skip into the different parts… personally the first is not my favourite but I think it gets better from part to part.

For the other gear maniacs out there, the track was produced in the Netzach studio and here is the list of what’s been used :


Sound sources :
Access Virus Indigo 2, Roland JP-8080, FutureRetro Revolution, Korg Wavestation EX, Yamaha A4000, Yamaha DX11, Akai AX60, Yamaha RM1X, Korg ER-1 MK2, Roland Juno-106, Roland W30 (2)

Akai DR8 HardDrisk Recorder, Alesis CLX-440 Compressor/Expander (2), Akai PEQ6, Digitech TSR6 Effects, Digitech GSP21 Preamp, Behringer MX2432A Console, Behringer Truth B2031A Monitors, MOTU MIDI TimePiece AV (2), E-Mu Emulator-X PC

If you don’t have any idea what this is all about you can have a look at the original music and demo on youtube :