Hackfest 2012

Once again in 2012 the Hackfest Crew were kind enough to invite me again as a DJ for their November event. I really appreciate this event for different reasons, first I’m an IT security specialist by day so this my community, these are the friends and people I work with. Next, because hacking games and demoscene events (two interest that I hope you realized I have) are having a lot in common. Finally because those guys and gals simply enjoy the same music that I do.

They are always giving me “carte blanche” and this year I performed different DJ Sets : I began nicely with Liquid Dubstep, followed by Electro House, PsyTrance music, and rounded up everything with a nice downtempo set. In between, I decided this year to bring my computer, NI Maschine, the Virus and the G2X to perform about 1 hour of my music live. A couple of new tracks were made exclusively for this, even the Hackfest Intro theme was a Maschine remix project prepared for this occasion.

You can find two of the DJ sets in the Music section and some of tracks will be released soon.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this very nice evening with me and to the the Hackfest Crew for inviting me again.

About Hackfest :

The Hackfest is essentially known for its yearly event, which attracts more than 400 computer security enthusiasts. The event has a provincial reputation, which explains the fact that about half of the attendees are from outside Quebec city’s region. The Hackfest also regroups other activities, such as the monthly Hackerspace, the community, Hackfest Media, etc.

The yearly event means 2 days of talks, where the first day targets an audience curious about security and the second targets a more tech savvy audience, aka “hardcode”. The evenings are a preferred meeting, where participants can measure their security skills in “Capture the Flag”, “Red team vs Blue team” unique in its style, lockpicking and more types of contests. This constitutes the largest security event in Quebec and the biggest hacking games meetup in Canada’s east.