The Connection Concert – Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana

Jean-Michel Jarre will perform on April 29 in Cantabria (Spain) “The Connection Concert”.
A special show to open the activities of the Lebaniego Jubilee Year 2017. The concert will take place outside the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, in Potes (Spain). The event has capacity for 6,000 people and will be broadcasted in live streaming all over the world.

“Santo Toribio is special location for the Cantabrian people, for the Europeans and for all the citizens of the world. Its a spiritual place, at the level of Santiago, Rome or Jerusalem. It is History and, as such, belongs to us, to our culture. We must promote this place for the world and for generations to come. It is an important legacy, ” said Jarre. Jean-Michel Jarre declared that it is an “honor” as an artist, as a Frenchman, as a European and as Unesco’s ambassador, to play a concert in this holy place of Christianity, and to be part of its history.

The “father of electronic music” will integrate his performance with the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana in a show of light and sound to mark “a milestone” in the history of this holy place. He did not advanced many details about the music he will play, but assured that “there will be surprises” and specific content created for that performance.

“The Connection Concert” will start with a set of light and color projected on the Lebaniego temple before the concert, and after the concert, there will still be musical and visual scraps. The title chosen for the show ‘connects’ the meaning of the Jubilee Year and the spiritual and universal sense that the show seeks. “It is about transferring to the whole world what Cantabria means to the Cantabrians.” The musician also emphasized the symbolism represented by the two levels of the audience – the people who can enjoy it live and the ones who can see it through streaming – “from a small place like this, to everyone the world”

The concert presentation took place on Tuesday 14th of March at the Center of Lebanese Studies of Potes. Jarre was accompanied by the Minister of Innovation, Industry, Tourism and Commerce of the Government of Cantabria, Francisco Martín, and the Director General of Culture, Marina Bolado. “Jean-Michel Jarre is the speaker that Cantabria, Liébana and the Jubilee Year needed to be known around the world. He is the perfect one to promote Santo Toribio and the transcendence of the monastery as guardian of the greater remaining piece of the cross of Christ in the world. We are lucky to have a holy place for Christianism and Jarre can help us place ourselves in the Champion League, where other places like Rome and Jerusalem play ” said Francisco Martin.

After the presentation of the concert, the Lyon artist visited the Monastery of Santo Toribio, to enjoy its most outstanding symbols: the door of Forgiveness and the ‘Lignum Crucis’ (the relic of the Cross). The performance will begin at 9:30 pm. on April 23, at the “Puerta del Perdón” (Door of Forgiveness) of the Monastery. A symbol that marks the beginning of the Jubilee Year.

The Spanish region of Cantabria joins the list of historical scenarios that have hosted performances of the great Jean Michel Jarre.