Triptych 2 EP

Full of chilling synths, comfy bass and downtempo beats, here is the second part of the Triptych series !

This part could be considered a bit more ambient and downtempo than the first one. But to my taste, it is even more expressive and loaded with a special sonic character, thanks to even more hardware synths and effects used on this one.

Featured Instruments :

  • Moog Sub37
  • Roland System 8, System 1
  • Access Virus TI2
  • Nord Lead 3, Nord Modular G2X
  • Yamaha EX5 and Reface CP
  • Arturia Matrix Brute
  • Kemper Profiler, Jackson DKMG
  • Strymon TimeLine, BigSky, Mobius
  • Revox B77 with ATR Magnetics Tape
  • Synapse Plugins (Dune 2, Legend)
  • U-He Plugins (Colour)
  • Sonic Charge Plugins (Permut8, MicroTonic)
  • Korg Plugins (Legacy M1)
  • Heavyocity Plugins (Vocalise)
  • Ableton Live 10
  • Ozone 10 Mastering

Thank you for continuing this journey with me, for your comments, for your likes and your shares ! I am now doing music for myself, but you are the reason to share it all. Hopefully the triangle will be completed before next year 🙂

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