Triptych 3 EP

A little drop in an ocean of digital releases… Triptych 3 is closing the triangle today. Available now on iTunes, soon on your streaming platform of choice and next up on as an everplaying experience ! Enjoy this final chapter.

Available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify or your streaming platform of choice.


It has been quite a journey, started in 2017 in the middle of a tour, up high and back on the ground to close the big triangle. These 9 Triptychs allowed me to revisit and feel completely free to do my thing. Putting into my own music most of the sounds and tricks I used to do for the others in the past years.

I’ll never get bored of using the 303 like Carbon Based Lifeforms can do so well, sequence Michel Geiss like baselines all over the place, doing the Deadmau5 Moog saturated fifth-bassline sounds, abuse the reverb over the claps like they were played in cold Antartica, try to make simple, yet memorable hooks that sticks in your head like so many Commodore 64 music legends did when we were young, play the mono synth leads or the guitar like an 80s rock ballad, bang fills on the toms like I just love to do too much, layer even more EX5 strings in an often simple yet expressive progression and turn it into an exploding synth arpeggio sequence, drench the piano or CS80 like sounds in reverb like Vangelis would, tape-delay the music in it’s own eternally distorted feedback loop like I’m a day-van cowboy driving on the Trans Canada Highway. Those are my influences, this is the sound I hear and play.

“There could be no question, but the day will come, in a not too distant future, when one man, one program, can be seen and heard simultaneously in every living room of the world. Let us all continue to work to see that these new means of communication replace suspicion with understanding, hostility and isolation with cooperation and ignorance with free exchange of knowledge.”
– Lyndon B. Johnson, JPL archives

I thought this was first a perfect link to SceneSat but also a great way to express what I think humanity should’ve done with the Internet and the new means of communication we built.


Thanks must go to Edward for initiating this last Triptych as an AiMi album initiative (where it will be available soon as Triptych Infinity Experience soon) and to Ziphoid for motivating me to actually blow dust off those and complete it all to make it available for Sound Of SceneSat 6, also available now.

Finally, best respects and thanks to you all demosceners, fans and followers for keeping on listening from around the globe.